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In today’s unique and complex real estate market, a client’s choice of representation could have significant impact on the outcome of their purchase, sale and investment. To reach the best outcome, a client needs a professional who not only meets the basic qualifications such as integrity and professionalism, but also possesses exceptional skills to market and negotiate on their behalf. I consider myself your “business partner”, who work vigorously to fighting for your best interests and helping you wining. If you win, I win.

Prior to being a real estate professional, I've gained years of knowledge and experience as a senior economic strategies consultant for government and market research specialist for commercial real estate firm. I am fluent in English and Mandarin.

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  • This is my second time working with Wen, and I just got a house on my first and only offer! I’m so happy and proud because the market is super heated and many buys are struggling. It only took me one and a half month between deciding to buy and putting in my first offer and getting accepted.

    Wen’s main contributions are:
    1. She recommended a neighborhood I wasn’t aware of before. It ended up meeting all my needs and below my budget.
    2. Wen’s recommendation on how to put in an offer (price, terms, when to put in, etc.) was spot on. Some agents just type up whatever you say. Wen was a true partner and gave valuable input so I didn’t waste my time. Her advice helped me put in the offer that was perfectly positioned just above other offers, so I could get accepted with a good price.
    3. During house hunting process, Wen helped me explore some options and kept me focused on my needs. She helped me avoid getting distracted by houses that look nice but don’t address my initial requirements.

    All in all, would definitely recommend! -- Chiao-Yu

  • Wen helped me buy a home that fits my needs at a great price, and I never felt this confident about a decision! I've wanted to buy a second home for almost two years but kept holding off because it's going to be a hella difficult decision as there is so much conflicting information floating around. My friend recommended talking to Wen because she is the realtor who genuinely puts the customer's interest first.

    At the end of 2020, I finally reached out to Wen for some advice. I threw at her lots of requirements, a conflated priority, and a tight budget. But Wen catches it all gracefully and intelligently: She helped me untangle my priorities and realized the ones that need to address immediately vs. the ones that can wait. She shared reliable analyses of the housing market and things to look out for to avoid loss in investment. An example is that I was interested in a condo in San Mateo because it's a dream to live closer to the City. But Wen pointed out that while the condo is in a lovely community, it has a significant defect that can impact the resale value. More importantly, as she pointed out, it doesn't address my immediate need - I need another place for myself when my parents move to the U.S., and I need to be able to take care of them conveniently. As such, she advised me to consider places that are closer to my current home.

    With her help, I avoided some bad choices and ended up putting in an offer with a price-cut. Wen went back-and-forth and convinced the seller agent to accept it at a price in our favor. I can't thank Wen enough for helping me straighten out my priorities and find a place that checked all the boxes at a great price! I will definitely work with her again in the future and recommended her to all my friends. --Doozey Feng

  • Wen is the best of the best! She helped us sell our home in record time and got us a price that we never dreamed we could get. She went above and beyond in helping us stage our home and make recommendations for improvements. She was so quick to respond and always had our best interests in mind. We  are so thankful for her wonderful service!! We will recommend Wen to all of our friends and family. -- Bridget and Jonathan
  • Wen is not an average realtor. She will go far and beyond to fight for your interest. In a competitive market like the bay area, you don't want a realtor who is just an offer writer. Many people I know have gone through a painful journey of putting in numerous offers and couldn't get accepted until they got "lucky". I thought that was the right expectation until I met Wen. She spent extra time and effort to find the right home for me and made sure I had the right price and terms to get accepted.

    I started my home search thinking I could only afford a condo, but she ended up getting a single family for me. Better yet, I got accepted on our first offer, at a great price well below my budget! During our search, she dug deep into the disclosures and did a lot of research on each home I considered. She protected me from buying several homes that had hidden problems, shaky HOA, potential loan issue, etc. She has a powerful network in the industry that gave insights to the market, early access to listings before they are even on the market, etc. As a first time buyer, she held my hand through the process and helped me resolve many issues like loan approval. I recommended her to several of my friends already.  -- Chiao

  • Wen is a highly professional, energetic realtor who knows how to 'get things done'.She arrived well prepared for our initial interview and demonstrated an excellent understanding of the local real estate market.  She was on top of every step, explained what was happening, coordinated all the   preparation work, and yet never pressured me to do anything before I was ready.  All the paperwork was monitored to ensure it was getting processed on time and I never had to ask for status. I enjoyed having Wen there to help me through this process I knew nothing about. Wen is an excellent person to have on your side and I thank her so much for everything she did. Highly recommended! -- Dingyi

  • Responsible and responsive real estate agent who has a in-deep understanding of the market, exceptional bargaining skills, as well as whole-hearted service to clients. -- Chen
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